• Kaleidoscope1 8'x12'x8' Plexigla /aluminum

    Kaleidoscope1 8'x12'x8' Plexigla /aluminum

  • Kaleidoscope2 8ft x12ftx8ft Plexiglas/Aluminum

    Kaleidoscope2 8ft x12ftx8ft Plexiglas/Aluminum

Kaleidoscopic walk in Sculptures

Art 3D

I explore how art interacts with space and how this interaction can yield surprising, unexpected gifts. My work celebrates life and joyfully bridges the gap between the mundane and the sublime. I design  colorful walk-in environments where the viewer is invited to participate, interact, and influence their changing surroundings.

My designs consist of multicolored Plexiglas sculptural spaces that produce a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes, Viewers may enter at different points in the installation and be enveloped by a kaleidoscope of optical and color combinations. These subtle nuances influence the perception and feeling of space—the “vibe” if you will—as the viewer actively participates in the variable nature of the work.

“I am an artist and designer who through my work have always explored the understanding and communication of the human condition of happiness,” says Detiger. “Using color, sound, smell and shape, I design living interactive art environments with the aim of heightening this positive state of mind.”

Tags: architecture plexiglas plexi sculpture