Disco watercolor


This work is an ongoing exploration of my personal vinyl collection, in this case mostly from the disco era. I do a deep dive into the titles and texts of existing albums and re-contectualize them into a new order where the painting tells a newly formed story. The story is entirely made up of album titles. This language used seems as relevant and poignant today as then. Conflicts of that era have come to the foreground again. The music and language was sprung from the Stonewall riots which was a catalyst for activism for equal rights and inclusiveness. This inclusiveness materialized both in the music and the dance floor.

Legendary Dj Nicky Siano from The Gallery and early Studio 54 sums it up: “There seemed to be so much turmoil, and the only answer to that is loving each other,” “In the beginning, all the songs were about spreading love, getting together, making the world a better place.”