• Unicorn 52x62 Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/canvas

  • PoodlePool 52"x62" Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/canvas

  • Alps 52"x62" Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/canvas

  • Clouds 54"x66". Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/canvas

  • Peacock 52"x66". Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/Canvas

  • Pink Flamingo. 44"x74". Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/canvas

  • good times are here 58"x78 " Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/Canvas

  • rabbit ears 58x58 Acrylic/Oilpastel/Marker/DiamondDust/Canvas



"In my work I build architectural

structures and design objects: sculptural

hybrids with a wink. In these architectural

paintings I continue this line of thought.

Here the fantastical modern structures

are vessels for living. They are inhabited

by a playful cast of characters. One where

the scene that is unfolding is open to the

individual viewers interpretation"