Jonny Detiger’s works and designs transcend the mundane, celebrate life, and joyfully bridge the gap between the everyday and the sublime.

His signature style of intricate line art and mixed media sculpture takes us on an exploration of human interaction through a kaleidoscope of iconic imagery, text, color and light.  His furniture designs have won critical acclaim for post-modern excellence and have been featured in design books and international design magazines.   

“Art, fashion, design and music have always been an integral part of my life and art” says Jonny. “I move freely between these disciplines and create projects of “living art” environments that incorporate sound, smell, design and color. Happiness, humor and positivity are common themes that run through all of my work.”

I am an artist and designer who through my work have always explored the understanding and communication of the human condition of happiness. Using color, sound, smell and shape, I design living interactive art environments with the aim of heightening that positive state of mind. The emotional response that a work of art can evoke from a person and how it can make a person feel is paramount to my work.

A self-taught artist and designer, Jonny went to school in Holland and Switzerland before studying business and economics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the London School of Economics.

Jonny Detiger is an artist and designer whose art has been shown and collected widely in galleries across the United States and Europe.  He grew up in Holland but is now based in New York with his family. 




twitter and instagram @jonnydetiger


Tel: 917.353.1166