Art 4D

Music has always played a very import role in my life and work. Throughout my work there is evidence of that influence in various degrees. My paintings and works on paper have strong musical backgrounds that come to expression as two-dimensional sound wave patterns or have strong musical feel or vibe to it. In this group of work I have taken it a few steps further and have incorporated elements of sound in the actual works. I have a strong love for gear and amps and sound systems in general. This finds it way into my work both on a design level of my furniture and the works in general. My interactive exhibitions tend to have a futuristic nightclub aura but have a nostalgic feel at the same time. Pieces Like "love Shower" also incorporate another one of the senses: smell. Aromatic bubbles that are infused with a mythic aroma float down on you. This smell originates from a Hawaiian flower that per folkloric lore induces happiness.